This Post was Brought To You By The Letter C!

About the age of 3, I remember I was an early bird. My wake up time was at 6 a.m. I’d pull my favorite Blanket & pillow along with me & take it down to the den. I would turn on the tube & I would make it just in time for the intro…

“Sunny Days… sweeping the Clouds Away. On my Way… to where the air is Sweet… can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street”.

Sesame Street was Life for me at that age. From Stuffed Animals to Coloring Books… Sesame Street was Everything. Big Bird, Bert & Ernie were my Favorites. They still are.

But can I be honest and say that Sesame Street it still Life at the age of 34?! Back In February of this year, we experienced Cora’s First Cold. Her Pediatrician told us to give her Extra Love & Comfort So Leave it to Her Dad to go out of his way & make her day…

Since Cora was 2 months Old we introduced her to Elmo & it was Love @ first sight. Then we figured We would introduce her to the Show. She Loved it & I think Love is an Understatement. Now Sesame Street is Part of her Daily Routine. She knows we are going to watch Sesame Street as soon as we pick up the remote. She starts kicking her feet & Smiling. The same Smile I had when the intro would come on, She has the Same one… & it makes my Heart Melt.

Cora looks forward to the Number & The Letter of the Day & Loves to see how many cookies Cookie Monster Eats! After all these years, they have added so many new Characters & you can’t help but fall in love. Currently Cora’s Favorite is Elmo & Something tells me, Elmo will always be Her Favorite. Besides the Characters being adorable & so unique with their individual personalities, they are very relatable. Sesame Street is so much more Modern but still has stayed true in so many ways.

Sesame Street was HUGE part of of My Childhood & It’s Super Awesome that It’s apart of Cora’s. Thank You Sesame Street for the Daily Smiles, Laughs & The Catchy Songs. Our Day wouldn’t be the Same without You.

You’re Getting Smarter, Stronger, Kinder… On Sesame Street”.