October, My Favorite Color!

The only thing I Love About October are the Colors!! Oh! & of Course Pumpkin Everything 💛 Yes! October is My Favorite Color!

October is the month of Change. Change in Colors, Season, Wardrobe & for Us Ladies… even our Hair Color, Lipsticks, eyeshadow & Blush (wink wink)! October is a Beautiful Month Because the Holidays are just right around the Corner & we get to enjoy those warm sips of Coffee! Can I get an Amen?! When the Holidays are here… Little Traditions & Memories Are in the Making. It truly is the Best time Of The Year!

Yesterday my Little Family & I enjoyed the evening at the Pumpkin Patch. It was Cora’s First Time. We didn’t really plan on it to be Honest. But since she took the longest nap after Church, we said “Let’s do it & make it quick!” It wasn’t the Pumpkin Patch we wanted to go to but It’s kinda fun when you don’t plan on things & they just happen. For a Local Pumpkin Patch in Santa Clarita, it was Perfect! Cora enjoyed the outdoors, Watching the People. Her Curiosity was running wild with the hay & the pumpkins & she kept saying “Wow” at all the Bright Warm Colors.

The Only Pumpkin we left with was Our Little Cora but I mean, We were only there for some Fresh Air & Pictures. Years back, The Husband & I would go to the pumpkin patch before having Cora & even though we enjoyed it, we still felt something missing. Now that we have Our Little Lady in the Picture, She is exactly what we needed. It was nice to walk around, Just Us Three, My Sweet Little Family. We are the Monico’s & Our Memories in the Making.