This week In Prayer, Besides praying for my needs, I have been lifting up Mama’s in Prayer & Also Mama’s that are waiting for their “One Day”.

I was that Mama. In my Heart I was already a Mom, but it in the Physical, I was still waiting. In the waiting of any request or miracle we ask from God, we can lose hope, get discouraged or we just give up. Don’t! There is Hope. Hope is found in God’s Word! So Here are a couple of Scriptures I want to share with my fellow Mama’s out there.

Maybe you are The Stay at Home Mom (Like Me) & sometimes you feel like pulling your hair because let’s face it, there are days where it’s hard! Or it was an Ice Cube “Today was a Good Day” kind of Day 😎✌🏻 & you just want to Praise God for it.

Maybe you are the 9-5 office working Mama. You still need to pick up the kids, get home, make dinner & still keep at it until the babies are all tucked in. Seriously… how do you Mamas do it?! Whew!

And this is every single Mama… when the lights are out & you are tucking in your Babies, You Pray Over Them. For God’s Protection Over their Life. After a Long Day of “Momming” you are exhausted, Tired, Hungry & in need of Sleep & Coffee 🙃

There is also that Mama that is waiting for her “One Day”. God is Faithful My Dear Friend. Don’t ever lose Hope. Stay Faithful in Prayer, God hears your request!

I encourage you to Read over these Scriptures! Speak them over your Life, Your Kids, Marriage, your Circumstances. Whatever it may be, but Just Remember… God is for You.

They are Highlighted 😉

Remember… The same miracles that happened in the Bible, Can still happen in Your Life. HE is the Same, Yesterday, Today & Forever!

God’s Strength, Blessings & Love,

Little Mrs. Nat

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Motherhood, 9 Months & Counting…

When I started My Blog back in April, I didn’t think it would be tough to keep up especially now with a 9 month Old! Yikes! What was I thinking?! But now as a New Mom… it’s about Organizing Chaos Lol. So I’m going to give this thing another shot!!

Cora is 9 months Now. CRAZY! What happened to My Little Baby? The other day I packed up all her old clothes & brought the 12 month outfits out. In these 9 months we survived the Good, The Bad & The Ugly. The Good is The Talking, The Crawling & The Laughing & Visits to Disneyland. The Bad are the Cold, Coughs & Falls. The Ugly is well…. Teething. But finally My Babe has grown out her bottom & top teeth. We are pretty excited about Cora’s Pearly Whites!

Being a Stay At Home Mom I always thought “Wow… how Lucky. You just stay home & Love on your Babe”. Which all of that is true BUT it’s one tough Job. Tough! The more they grow… the Busier you get! & yet here I am adding one more item to my cart… Blogging! Ha! You Don’t get paid staying at Home But the Reward is Watching your Little Babe Grow & Hit those Milestones. Teething has been quite an adventure for both of us. I found myself the other day crying while holding her because I felt frustrated. Like Her & I were just having One of those “Off Days” & that Oldie But Goodie Song “Mama Said” was on repeat in my head. I remember telling Cora “Mama needs to go Pray really quick” even though I prayed that morning, I still needed that Jesus Pep Talk. I cried in prayer & God in a whisper just said “Just Hold Her, You are doing everything right”. I went back into the room & the minute I walked in, there she was smiling raising her hands for me to pick her up. I picked her up held her tight & 3 minutes later… she was out cold. It’s funny how Us Moms stick to a “Schedule” & when that “Schedule” is thrown off… well we kinda panic. In Motherhood, just like everything else, Patience is Key! Thank God we can come to God in Prayer though.

Cora is a lot more curious now & loves to explore & figure things out on her own. Sitting on High Chairs, she thinks she is a Big Girl, But all is See is My Baby.

9 months ago, Cora was still cooking in my Tummy & I was still clueless about the whole Motherhood Gig. Little did I know that I would be that Mom in yoga pants & hair in a bun Monday- Friday. Living on Latte’s & Iced Coffee’s. Enjoying Sesame Street in the Mornings & Bumping those Amazing Disney Songs in the Car. Yes! I became that Mom. 9 months Later… all I can say is Motherhood is a Crazy Beautiful Adventure. I was Made for This.

Look At The Time…

It’s crazy how Mommy Life is such a Fast Pace Highway. I find myself running around like the White Rabbit in The Movie Alice in Wonderland! I feel like I am Always on the Go & always looking at the time! If Cora isn’t napping, she is up & active. If she isn’t up & active, she is eating & if she isn’t eating then she is probably napping. A Baby is non-stop & it seems like the more Cora grows… the Busier I am. When I say “Cora is My Cardio” I really do mean it. So Protein Shakes & quick salads are this Mama’s Best Friend these days, & when I do get that free time it’s to take a shower or put in a load of Laundry Ha!

I am pretty active on Social Media. Mostly on my Instagram stories. I get quite a bit of messages through Instagram asking what My Schedule is like with Cora in the picture. The thing is… it’s not my Schedule. It’s Cora’s. I’m on her time now & Finally I feel like I know what I am doing Lol.

Cora as a Newborn just slept majority of the day, night & all in between. Ahhh…. those were the days. That’s when naps were still in existence for me. 7 months have quickly passed & Cora is down to 2 maybe 3 naps for the day. Her First is around 9- 9:30 ish & around 2 p.m. is her 2nd. The minute Cora wakes up in the morning she knows what time it is… Breakfast & Sesame Street Time. Thank God Sesame Street is Down to 30 minutes. That’s how long Cora’s attention span is until she gets bored. Yep! Babies do get bored just like we do. During Sesame Street I am already preparing her next activity & from that next activity, I am setting the mood to put her down for a nap. Cora’s Busiest day is Thursday’s! Those are her Gymboree days. I want Cora to interact with other Babies & other people so she can explore the little world around her. Summer Time, means pool time! So we try to get in the pool 2-3 times out of the week. That’s another fun activity we get to do & the pool relaxes her to the point she feels like a noodle.

Having a Baby on A Schedule makes Motherhood so much more easier for me. Babies love to know what’s coming next because they have something to look forward to. Cora’s Last treat before Story time is Her Swing. She loves that thing & for some reason it soothes her & calms her down. Not only that, the weather around 6:30-7ish starts to cool down & there is that nice Summer Breeze. Story time is when the 3 of us get together & hang out & unwind after a very eventful day with Our Little Cora. Story Time usually is something Disney… Our Favorite!

Cora is in her P.J’s & in bed by 8:15 p.m. Bath time before bed is her favorite because it’s Her & Daddy time. Bath time with Daddy has been going on since her first Bath. Daddy sings to her, talks to her & it’s the sweetest thing when she talks back. It’s super important that Cora has her time with her daddy & while that’s going on, I am running around getting Cora’s room & crib ready for the night. That’s when I say to myself “Look at the time”!

Where does the time go?! It seriously goes by fast when caring for your Babe. Not everyday is the same with your Baby. A Mama & Baby will have Good Days, Great Days, Bad Days, even “What the Heck Days” But With God’s Strength, We get through them. Having Baby on a Schedule is key though & it helps you plan your day ahead of you. Time may be flying… but I am totally enjoying every minute!

The nights are long but the years are short. I’ll treasure your Beauty & the Moments you fall asleep to the Rhythm of my Heart my Precious Little One”. – This Is Motherhood

Motherhood. How did I Survive the First 6 Months?!

Coffee of Course! So here is an update on the last 6 months of Motherhood. Yesssssss, my baby girl is 6 months! Wahhh! Time is flying & even though she is growing right in front of my eyes & I want time to stop, I am still so excited to see her next milestones.

Newborn stage is long gone. And all the new stuff Cora is doing now, her Newborn memories are kind of a blur. But thank God that I record everything & take one too many pictures of her Ha! Every single night I look back at the old & recent pictures I’ve taken & I can’t help but just be in Awe. How did God make her so perfect?!

Newborn stage was definitely a challenge. Both Cora & I were looking at the world through new eyes & getting to know each other. I didn’t have the baby bonding in the Hospital when Cora was born since she had to be taken to the NICU right away. Even though I was in Love with her, I felt like I was bringing home a stranger. But At 3 weeks we already were Best Friends. I started to understand her Language. Listening to her Q’s & Learning Her Do’s & Don’ts. It was Long days & short nights but Coffee & Jesus got us through.

We survived our first Cold & Cough. That was probably the hardest for me. I felt like I Failed as a Mama!! Sigh… but apparently babies get sick 9-12 times a year. So I didn’t feel too too too bad. Then came the wonderful Aerosmith Era “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” Phase. Cora would fight her naps. Those were very frustrating times because a fussy baby, is a Fussy Mom. But we got through them Thanks to her DockATot & my Favorite…. Coffee! I Believe Coffee Comes from Heaven.

Every day Cora is getting more & more Curious & a whole lot smarter. She loves to watch her Mom & Dad Eat & is now eating solids herself. She attends her Gymboree Classes twice a week & participates with Smiles, Kicking & Screaming. She sits up on her own & loves to hear me talk Spanish to her. 6-7 a.m is her wake-up call & this Mama still doesn’t get enough sleep… But Coffee & Jesus help. Everyday is a Disney Movie for me, it seems like. I find myself talking in Song to her. My Life is like a Musical. I dance, I sing, I make the silliest faces & invent the weirdest noises to make her laugh & to keep her entertained. She loves to copy me in everything her Dad & I do. That includes Coffee. A Coffee rattle that is.

Now comes the question. Do I let my Coffee get Cold? The answer is… Yes! It starts off with a Nice cup of Hot Coffee But ends up cold & it seriously tastes better. Then again, I really don’t have a choice. Motherhood is a Busy Hood & I absolutely Love it! It’s exhausting yes, but watching your Baby grow is such a Beautiful reward.

6 months came so quickly. I prayed for this Precious Miracle, God Answered & She Came & now She won’t stop Growing. She is the reason Mama needs her Coffee & She is the Very Reason why Mama’s Cup is Full. Thank You Cora for The Most Beautiful 6 months. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Mama Love’s You! Xoxo 💋

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Before I Was A Mom…

Today is Mother’s Day. I always wondered what it would be like to Celebrate such a Beautiful Day. I loved scrolling down my Social Media Feeds & seeing all the Mama’s with their Babies in the past years. I would always say “One Day. I’ll have my One Day”. Well, Finally this year I get to Celebrate My First! It’s still Mind Blowing I have a Baby of my own. This week I was going to finish talking about Cora & the week she came home on the Blog. But instead I took a week off & enjoyed her instead. Now, Here I am typing & I am looking at the Baby Monitor watching Her Sleep. Lately I have been asked the famous yet beautiful question… “So How does it Feel to be a Mom”? Apart of me wants to be dead honest & say “All I want is a Nap & More Coffee” But the First words that come to mind is “It’s the Best Feeling in the World”. I never knew what exhaustion was until I became a Mom. But I can tell you it is absolutely worth it.

Before I was a Mom I didn’t have to worry about being Pooped on, Peed or even Puked on. I had it “All together”. I was able to have a full nights rest. Before I was a Mom I didn’t have to hold down a screaming baby for their shots, I never looked into teary eyes & cried as well. Before I was a Mom I didn’t have to stay up late at night & watch a Baby Sleep & pick them up again so I can hold her just a little longer. I never got Super Happy over a simple Smile or a Grin. Before I was a Mom I never walked into baby stores & wanted to purchase everything in sight. Before I was a Mom it was always about Me this, Me that, I want this, buy me that. Before I was a Mom it was always about Me. Just sitting here, typing & reflecting, I can tell you My Life & mentality has changed Because now, it’s all about My Daughter. My Life will Never be the Same & I am completely okay with that. Before I was a Mom, yeah Life was Great but something was missing. Now with Cora here… My Puzzle is Complete. My Heart Is Full. God gave me a Best Friend for Life. Before I was a Mom, I prayed for this Day & Now… It’s finally Here.

Now Being a Mom, I am Amazed & Humbled at all the Mom’s That have Babies, regardless of their age. Mom’s, You’ve Sacrificed, You’ve Loved, You’ve Comforted, You’ve Prayed, You’ve Raised, You’ve Dealt, You’ve Cried, You’ve Inspired. Mom’s Today & Everyday Are Hero’s. Happy Mother’s Day to All the Mama’s in the World! Thank You Cora for Making me a Mama. You have Given me a New Purpose in Life & That’s to be Your Mama. Happy First Mother’s Day to Me.

The Moment a Child is Born, A Mother is Born Also. She never existed Before. The Woman Existed, But not the Mother. A Mother is Something Absolutely New & it’s the Best Feeling in the World”.