Oh Baby!

I thought my Themed Bridal Shower “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” was Amazing… Which it was! Don’t get me wrong….

BUT nothing will ever beat the feeling of Having a Baby Shower, especially when it’s your First! I guess because it’s not You that your Guests are showering, it’s your Sweet Bundle Of Joy that’s getting all the Spoiling & Blessings. Your family is growing & everyone wants to share & be apart of such a Special Day! I was honored to Have such a Lovely Baby Shower Hosted By Both Sides of Our Family, My Adorable & Beautiful Sister Alicia…

& Both of My Lovely Momma’s

Since I am a huge Disney Freak I always imagined my Baby Shower to Be A Disney Theme, But I went with something a little more Different. Anyone that knows me, knows I Love Themes!! I think it gives the event so much personality & Life. And that’s exactly what I wanted to have for My Baby Shower. I gave it much thought & went for a Boho Chic Baby Shower. I wanted Everything Floral & a Hint of Light Pink with Greenery. A Wonderful Friend & My Decor go to Girlie Brought my Boho Chic Baby Shower To Life! (Thanks Desi!!!!) Take A Look What took place on November 4th, 2017…

I would be Lying if I said I did not look at Pinterest for ideas. I created a Board & pinned everything I Loved! Of course sometimes our eyes see one thing & our wallets tell us different, But Desi Made it Happen & Our Family was such a Huge Help & a Blessing!

Okay so My Dress… LOL. I ordered this really nice cream color Maxi-Maternity Dress on Zulilly for a really good price. But guess what day it would arrive? The Day of The Baby Shower at 8 p.m. YIKES! I was really cutting it short. But when ordering the dress, it didn’t tell me when the estimated arrival would be. So I took my chances. I was tracking my package for weeks & still nothing. The week of the Baby Shower it finally notified me it would be arriving Saturday, the day of the Baby Shower! Sooo…. I did what any normal Pregnant Mama would do, I cried LOL. I panicked, & went to Baskin Robins to see what else I could do. It was too late for me to order something online. Amazon Prime was an option but everything I saw didn’t scream “Baby Shower” to me. The Hubby & I went to L.A to pick up the Succulent Plants the week of & I asked him to drop me off at the Fashion District to see if I find anything. I walked about 3 stores and I was huffing & Puffing. Not because I was upset. I was out of breath & my Sciatic Nerve decided to act up. Also, I had to pee ever 15 minutes. I saw the Peach Dress & I said… “I’ll make it happen”. I tried it on, it fit. I bought it. Ha! Thanks L.A!

Okay, back to Our Regular Scheduled Program….

Okay Can we just admire this Amazing Tee-Pee My Brother Put Together & Desi (My Decor Girlie) Provided the Fabric & Flower arrangement. Ahhhh!!! So Perfect to place all the gifts in!

I also asked a Cousin of Mine to create a SnapChat Filter for the Baby Shower. It came out Perfect! Thanks again Roxy!

Before the Baby Shower, people would always asked me what was I Planning to name my Baby Girl. We had a lot of names on the List But Cora Annalie Monico was Perfect & we wanted to present her name the day of the Baby Shower Because I knew people would be asking the day of. Cora Means: Lady, Miss, Maiden. Annalie Means: Favored By God. Also, My Middle Name is Anne & Alie is the end of my First Name. We thought it was Perfect.

And for Entertainment, we had…

Mariachi’s! I clearly remember Cora Kicking me Like Crazy every time I got too close to them. I think Dancing might be in her Future! Here are just a few of My Lovely Guests that attended. I’m still on Cloud Nine with all the Love That was felt that day. Thank You Again Ladies! I have such wonderful Family & Friends! I am One Blessed Mama.

The Baby Shower was a Success! And as Far as Gifts…. well we opened them later on in the evening . We had so many Gifts & Gift Cards! We were so Humbled & Touched by everyone’s Giving. Cora already has outgrown some of her outfits, and she still has many more to grow into. I do remember making 3 trips to bring back the gifts to our place. I think our Home looked like that for 2 weeks because we didn’t know where to put everything just yet LOL. It officially hit us the next morning that Cora would be taking over every little space LOL.

It probably took me 3 weeks to recover from the Baby Shower, putting things away & Organizing Our Home for Cora’s Arrival! It was such a Special Day that I will Remember & Treasure for the Rest Of My Life.

A Special Thank You to the Lovely Lauren Partida for getting me all Dolled up with Hair & Make-Up for Such a Special Day! I definitely was Glowing! She is such a Sweetheart!!

And Now it was just Waiting for Cora’s Big Arrival! But That will be in another Blog Post! So please, Subscribe Below to My Blog! Thanks guys for stopping by!

Xoxo, Little Mrs. Nat