Throwback Thursday…

So Graduations are currently taking place & I was reminded from a Friend last week that We Graduated High School 16 years ago! Wait what?!! How did that happen?! Kinda feels like a Blur but it also feels like yesterday I was at Cheerleading Practice, Studying for a test or getting ready for a School Dance. Seriously where does the time go?! So, on my Blog today I thought I’d make it a “Throwback Thursday” of my High School Days. Let me remind you… this was the years between 1998-2002 where Spice Girl Shoes were in, wearing those butterfly clips were cool, & taking pictures with those funky backgrounds at the mall was the thing to do. Yeah… these were my High School Years.

Freshman Year is always that awkward year. You are still trying to figure yourself out. Body is changing, which means pimples, braces & the only worry you had was who were you going to hang out with during Nutrition & Lunch Time. Ahhh…. those were the Good O’l Days. Seriously, not a worry in the world.

Being on the Cheer Squad was life for me. I enjoyed the Practices, Learning New Routines, the Friendships & obviously the Cheering! Is it lame to say that I still remember some dance routines & cheer chants?! No Seriously, the other day a song came on the radio and I was in the backseat busting my dance moves… I thought I was all that & a bag of chips but Joser thought I was a nut.

What about them School Dances? I could post a bunch of the Homecoming Pictures but I will post my Favorite Dance with my Favorite Guy… My Poppa. Don’t ask me what I was wearing because seriously I don’t know what I was thinking, but my Dad told me that I Looked Beautiful… so that’s all that matters.

So this picture is a Memorable Picture for me because I was a Junior & this was the day I got my Braces taken off. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Seriously I had my braces on… FOR-EV-ERRRRRRRR! If I wasn’t rockin’ my Cheer Uniform at School… you would find me in Windbreakers & a Polo… that was the School Uniform Life. Okay but how funky were my eyebrows?! Yikes!

I never understood when people would say “Enjoy High School, Because it goes by So Fast”. Now 16 years later… I know exactly what they mean. It’s kind of funny because I find myself telling other’s that now. Time does Fly when you are having fun. I was able to enjoy my High School Years because of my Parents. They put all 3 of us (my siblings) in Private School. I am Blessed to have Parents that worked hard & sacrificed for us to have the Best Education. On top of tuition, they dropped a good amount of money on books & for me to enjoy a what I loved to do… Cheerleading.

Our Mom & Dad’s are the Real MVP’s! Now, being a Parent myself, I want to do the same for my Daughter, give her the Best of Everything. There are 3 things I kept from High School. My Letterman’s Cheer Jacket, Cheer Uniforms & My Poppa surprised me with this the other day…

My Cheer Bag! Thank You Poppa for never throwing things away LOL. It’s kinda neat to keep in touch with friends from High School. Not necessarily seeing them everyday, but connecting with them through Social Media. We witness the Single Life, Married Life, Baby Life… so Thank You Facebook & Instagram!

High School went by fast just like our Parents said it would. It all Eventually Ends. Graduations get me all excited though… because that means one thing… Summer is Around the Corner!

There is always Tomorrow…

You will always catch me on my phone taking a picture of someone or of Something. I Love to capture & make memories. It can be the simplest picture or even the silliest, but just as long as I have it, it means everything to me. It’s something I Treasure. It’s at night when lights are off & I’m on my phone looking at my camera roll. I think to myself “Wow. This moment I’m not going to get back. Soo Thankful I captured it!

Aren’t People a Beautiful Gift? God Created them in His Image, placed them on this Earth & We have the Honor to call them… Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son, Cousin, Uncle, Aunt, Niece, Nephew, Grandparent or Grandchild or even just a Friend… Whatever the title, They are a Beautiful Gift & they serve a Beautiful Purpose in Our Life. You learn from them, They learn from you & Memories are made.

This isn’t an easy Blog Post for me to write but With the Blessing of my Husband, Sister In Law & Momma In Law, I will share with you a piece of my Heart.

Isn’t it crazy how life just happens? Time waits for no one. Time flies by & we go about our Life. We get busy. I’m sure our intentions are “For sure I’ll call him/her tomorrow, or send a text”. Then tomorrow turns to weeks, those weeks can turn to a month & well you get the picture.

The world we live in now is all about connecting through Social Media. A post here, a picture there, we assume “Wow, they are doing well”. But everything we see on Social Media seems to be Perfect so why text? Why make that phone call? Or Sometimes we don’t even bother calling or texting or visiting because we assume “There is always tomorrow”.

I can clearly hear my Mom’s Voice “Nat go visit your Grandma, she is getting older. Give her a call. You’ll make her day”. And I never did. It wasn’t until she was battling Pancreatic Cancer that I was able to enjoy her. I would go visit her everyday & I even lead her to Jesus the day of Her Birthday, May 4th 2011. I knew I had very little time with my Grandma & every moment spent with her, I made it count. I prepared myself for her passing. And still even knowing one day she would take her last breath, it still hurt. Death is never easy. And still I always ask myself “Why didn’t I visit more, or call her? Why did I wait until she was sick?”.

What about losing someone unexpectedly? Unfortunately I Lost My Sister In Law, Jovanna this Year, And I will leave it at that. I don’t need to go into detail how it happened because how she passed doesn’t change anything. She was a Precious Soul, who Loved God & Loved People. She opened up to a few people, and those few people know exactly what she was going through. They offered Her Help, they offered their Hearts, they offered Her Hope. I think that is one of the most purest forms of Love someone can ever give to someone else… Hope.

I think an excuse we say A lot is “I Have No Time”. But we make time for everything else? I am guilty of it. In no way am I trying to make anyone feel guilty. These are my own personal thoughts that were running through my head during the time of Jovi’s passing. But this was me Grieving.

February 2, 2018 God called her Home. I still can’t Believe it. My mind has processed it, but not my Heart. She wasn’t just a Sister In Law, She was My Best Friend. A “Finish each other’s Sentences” Best Friend. Now, I was left with the “I could have done so much more for You. I could have called You more, texted you more, reached out to you more”. All of the Could’ve, Should’ve & Didn’t would come to mind.

What Matters is what we do for our Loved One’s when they are Alive. It’s those Phone Calls, those “I Just wanted to say I Love You” text messages. Or those “Spare at the Moment” visits. Looking back at the Memories Jovi & I shared, I have no bad memories with her. I treated her like my very own Blood Sister. I Loved her to No End. I Preached the Word of God to her but most of all, I shared with Her My Heart, & She shared Her’s with Me. I Offered her Hope. I Offered her my time. Could I have given her more? Absolutely. I know I could have.

It didn’t matter how busy Life would get. Jovanna always made the effort to either send a quick text

or her famous 5 page letter text messages (which personally were my favorite). So I started making the same habit. Now when someone pops up in my head, I immediately just text/call them. I don’t want to forget. I don’t want to miss a moment or an opportunity.

The reason for this Blog is to Encourage my readers that, Life is Short. Tomorrow is never promised. Don’t take people for Granted. We are here today & can be Gone Tomorrow. So Love On People. Lend Your Hand. Be Their Hope. Give Your Heart & Offer them Jesus… You Could be saving a Life.

This Blog is in Remembrance of My Beautiful Sister Jovanna. But I would call her My Spicy Baby Shrimp. I am Missing You Every Day… My Angel Up In Heaven.

“I Will Hold You In My Heart, Until I can Hold You In Heaven”.

Jovanna Marissa Singh