Our Best Day Ever!

Nothing will ever prepare you when your Precious Little One is making their Big Arrival into the World. I mean you know He or She is coming… you’ve been preparing for their arrival for 9 months and still… you feel like nothing is quite perfect yet & for me it still didn’t hit me that I would be a Mommy soon! I had major insomnia the last month of pregnancy. All I would think about was Labor & Delivery. I was super nervous wondering when my water would break. You always hear other mom stories but it’s pretty neat when you experience your own. I still couldn’t believe, soon we would be holding our Little Girl.

Weeks Before Cora was Born… we experienced the Lovely “Nesting Phase”. Yes! That’s actually a thing. You start looking around your home & realize there needs to be some changes… some paint here, a touch up there. And then comes the Baby’s Room & Safety Proofing Everything. I enjoyed the nesting phase. One, because all this was for our Precious Little Cora & two because I enjoyed the little Projects with the Hubby. Even the Hubby’s get excited & are in the zone & so focused.

I was Pregnant during the Holidays. Thanksgiving was the first time my feet swelled up & physically I felt really pregnant. I guess now I was starting to really show & Cora was dropping a little Lower. Back pains were getting really intense & my Sciatic Nerve was very bothersome & constant. Even though I was able to take Tylenol… it still wasn’t enough to help with the shooting pain. The only thing that would work for me was to elevate my feet & hug my pregnancy pillow. Also, Thank God for the Hubby that would give me the best foot massages ever, At night while watching Netflix, before bedtime. He’s the Real MVP. I Love You Kid!

Then came the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…. Christmas!!! I absolutely Love Christmas. The music, the lights, the Weather, oh my gosh the Food!!!! Lol. That is one thing Cora allowed me to enjoy during pregnancy was Food! I wasn’t really grossed out by anything. But I tried really hard to keep everything to a minimum because the last weeks of pregnancy is when you gain the weight! Those tamales though were hard to resist.

Now my Dr. appointments were every week & my Doctor said Baby & I were doing just fine. I noticed walking up the stairs was getting a little tough & My feet would stay swollen. Then again I was too excited decorating our Place for Christmas. I was doing a lot of running around.

Okay but seriously I was & I still am obsessed the way we Decorated our Tree Last Year! It’s always been a Disney Theme since we’ve been together & we still plan on keeping our tradition with our Daughter!

Christmas came & left & still no sign of our little Cora coming into the World yet. It was so sweet to see how much she was loved even though physically she wasn’t here yet. Family & Friends Even our neighbors gave her presents. It melted Our Hearts. Every morning my prayer since the minute I found out I was Pregnant was “Jesus, allow me to Carry our Baby Full Term. Let her be Healthy & Thrive.”

December 26th we decided to Host a Game Night with our friends from Church. I’m so Happy we did that! We had about 12 People come over. Chips, Pizza, Wings, Soda & Dessert & Friends! Nothing but Laughs… it was one of the Best Nights the Hubby & I had in a really long time. That same Morning (December 26th) I had a Doctors Appointment. It was the usual. They checked my Weight, I did a urine sample & they checked my blood pressure. My OB walked in & said “Okay Mom… your Blood Pressure is a little High. And we found a little Protein in your urine. You’ve never had this problem during pregnancy up until now. I’m going to send you down to the lab. Get some blood work done & I want to see you back in 2 days. I’m sure you have nothing too worry about, I’m doing this just to make sure”. I wasn’t too worried when he said all that. It wasn’t until he said “ Just as long as You’re feeling Baby Move, we are doing good”. Hmm… feel the Baby Move? I actually didn’t feel her since that morning. So during our game night I was trying to feel her kicks & jabs & they would be very light. But still, I had a great time & once everyone left for the night, I went straight to bed.

Baby Kicks was the way I would wake up every morning. This time I couldn’t feel her move. I tried repositioning myself and still nothing. I told the Hubby & all he said was “Grab Your Hospital Bag, Let’s go to the Hospital & see what they say. Let’s make sure Baby is Safe”. We called our Parents & told them where we would be. We said bye to our First Babies (Our Dogs Penelope & Daphne) and told them there was a possibility we would be bringing them back a Sister. Now it was off to the Hospital. Thank God we had already Registered ourselves at the Hospital so all they had to do was look up my info. They slapped on the wrist band & by then I was in a room so they can monitor me & Baby Cora.

Blood Pressure was really really high this time & they kept trying to page my OB. Unfortunately that morning he was in Jury Duty & couldn’t return phone calls right away. So the On Call Doctor said “Mrs. Monico, we will be keeping you. My plan is to induce you because Your Blood Pressure is toooo High. Baby is doing just fine, we are just worried about you. We are waiting to transfer you to your room.” Ahhhhh!!!!!! I was super nervous, scared, anxious, excited, emotional, hungry, You name it, I felt every emotion a pregnant woman could possibly feel. Again, My Hubby to the rescue, He prayed over Me & Our Baby Girl. We would no longer be just 2, we would become 3. We were ready to meet her…

God is so Amazing. He heard my Prayers. I carried Cora full term. Going to the Hospital that morning I was exactly 39 weeks! That was really the only thing that gave me peace all the way through labor & delivery. Well, They moved us to our Delivery room & we got situated. They hooked me back up to the monitor & gave me the pill to induce.

That was around 6 p.m. by 10 p.m. I had only dilated about 3 cm. It seemed like forever but time really was flying. I remember laying to my side & waking up with major Contractions. They were getting stronger & I was hugging the bed rail tighter & tighter. I seriously thought I could tough it out lol but not this Mama. By 4 p.m the next day, December 28, 2017 I was only dilated 6 cm & that is when I asked for the fabulous epidural. The Dr. said I asked for it at the right time. I was in a lot of pain but still comfortable. The epidural helped… A LOT!! I had the best nurses & OB Doctor. My regular OB was still in Jury Duty and to be Honest I wasn’t freaking out. If this is how God wanted it, then I was all for it. Then at 5 p.m they broke my water. The Doctor called me and said we had to get Cora out quick because she diagnosed me with Preeclampsia (which explains the High Blood Pressure & Protein in my Urine) at this point everything was happening so fast! They gave me a pill to take so I wouldn’t have any seizures while I was pushing, since my Blood Pressure was so high. All I remember was my nurse checking how much I had dilated. Now I was at 8 cm. She called the Doctor & said it was show time.

She left the room & I felt like I was going to throw up. Oh no wait… I did! Lol. It was my nerves. Again Hubby to the rescue, brought me a barf bag & was comforting me the whole way through. He gave me the Pep talk & I was ready. By this time 3 nurses were in the room, along with my OB. At 6:15 p.m. I was pushing And by 6:30 p.m. Baby Cora made her Big Debut. Our Daughter was in my Arms!!!

We couldn’t believe how much she looked like her Dad. Identical! She was crying but once they laid her on my chest, she stopped. Our “One Day” Finally Happened. We had officially become Parents!!

Cora Annalie Monico

December 28, 2017