Prepare Yourself for What God’s Preparing You For…

As you know I’ve Blogged about my Pregnancy & many know my Story about my Miracle Baby. I give all the Glory to God for His Promise to Us, which is Our Beautiful Baby Cora. But I want to share with you How I prepared myself for Pregnancy in hopes it will Inspire Women who are waiting for their “One Day”. There are a Few Things that I really stepped up: Faith, Prayer & Health.

I was a working Woman working Monday-Friday, Office Job & I was Blessed. But Life Happens. I was Let Go. At First it felt like a Blow. Like wait… what just happened?! But then I told myself God… You are in the midst of this. Do your thang”. For about 2 weeks I was feeling Anxiety like crazy. It’s a trip how your mind takes over, If you Let It! I asked God in Prayer one Night “What’s my purpose in this Season? What do you want me to do”? And as clear as Crystal I heard him say “Prepare Yourself For Your Miracle”. I knew what Miracle He was talking about & I knew I had to make changes in my lifestyle. It’s amazing how God will ask us to do Our Part & He will Do the Rest. It’s pretty neat because it’s everything You Prayed For & Some.

Faith- Complete Trust & Confidence. Which meant, I couldn’t let any doubt enter my mind. Since I had all the free time in the world now that I wasn’t working… Reading God’s word & really studying it was almost like my full time job. The more you fill your mind with God’s word, there is absolutely no room for Lies. Period. Everyday I would memorize a new scripture & I spoke it over my Life & over my Miracle.

Prayer- With Faith comes Prayer. I had to take my Faith into my Prayer Life & Pray My Heart Out. Can I seriously Be Honest? Sometimes in Prayer we can lose our Main Focus. We are so consumed with the “Desire’s of Our Heart” But God Should be Our Main Desire. My Prayer Life Shifted. It completely changed. I wasn’t focusing on my wants & needs (Even though God cares about them) But my Faith was so Strong all I wanted to do in Prayer was Tell God How Faithful He Was (and Still Is) & Remind Him Of His Promises Over My Life. I would Cry, I would Sing, I would be on my Knee’s, Blasting Worship. Everyday, In My Prayer Closet, There was always Something New. A Fresh Outpouring & A New Me. I could Feel My Miracle Around the Corner. Now it was all About Waiting & Trusting Him.

Health- So… I Love Food & I Love to Eat My Favorite Food. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s kinda funny how God will just kinda poke at you & tell you to Chill. Lay Low on the Junk Food. If he was cleaning me Out Spiritually, He also wanted to do it Physically. It was God & his Perfect timing let me tell you. A bunch of my Girlfriends from Church went in on a 7 week Weight Loss Challenge. I didn’t really care about Winning the Money (although it would have been nice Lol) I did it more to get my butt back on Track & to stay motivated. High Protein & No Carbs was my Diet. The First 2 weeks, yeah your Body kinda feels like it’s going into shock. I mean No Carbs. But by the 3rd week I felt strong, I felt Lighter & to be Honest… I Felt Happier. Self Control is one of the Fruits of The Holy Spirit & it’s What God kept reminding me when I was tempted to just Give up & eat what I wanted Lol.

Faith, Weights & Protein Shakes was an Everyday thing for me. I joined a Gym, My Diet was going Amazing but I didn’t win the Weight Loss Challenge. Because by Then I was Pregnant. The Obsession of Having my “One Day” was no Longer An Obsession. I made God my Obsession. I didn’t just let Go of My Dream to become a Mama. I Let Go & I Gave it to God.

God is in the Waiting. God is Definitely aware of your Situation. & God is All about Miracles. No Miracle is too Impossible for God. Believe in What You Pray For. See how God Moves. In Obedience there comes A Great Reward. Not only was I Blessed with my Miracle, God had totally given me a New Heart. In this Season, It was all about Preparation.

Don’t Worry About Anything: Instead, Pray About Everything” Philippians 4:6