Before I Was A Mom…

Today is Mother’s Day. I always wondered what it would be like to Celebrate such a Beautiful Day. I loved scrolling down my Social Media Feeds & seeing all the Mama’s with their Babies in the past years. I would always say “One Day. I’ll have my One Day”. Well, Finally this year I get to Celebrate My First! It’s still Mind Blowing I have a Baby of my own. This week I was going to finish talking about Cora & the week she came home on the Blog. But instead I took a week off & enjoyed her instead. Now, Here I am typing & I am looking at the Baby Monitor watching Her Sleep. Lately I have been asked the famous yet beautiful question… “So How does it Feel to be a Mom”? Apart of me wants to be dead honest & say “All I want is a Nap & More Coffee” But the First words that come to mind is “It’s the Best Feeling in the World”. I never knew what exhaustion was until I became a Mom. But I can tell you it is absolutely worth it.

Before I was a Mom I didn’t have to worry about being Pooped on, Peed or even Puked on. I had it “All together”. I was able to have a full nights rest. Before I was a Mom I didn’t have to hold down a screaming baby for their shots, I never looked into teary eyes & cried as well. Before I was a Mom I didn’t have to stay up late at night & watch a Baby Sleep & pick them up again so I can hold her just a little longer. I never got Super Happy over a simple Smile or a Grin. Before I was a Mom I never walked into baby stores & wanted to purchase everything in sight. Before I was a Mom it was always about Me this, Me that, I want this, buy me that. Before I was a Mom it was always about Me. Just sitting here, typing & reflecting, I can tell you My Life & mentality has changed Because now, it’s all about My Daughter. My Life will Never be the Same & I am completely okay with that. Before I was a Mom, yeah Life was Great but something was missing. Now with Cora here… My Puzzle is Complete. My Heart Is Full. God gave me a Best Friend for Life. Before I was a Mom, I prayed for this Day & Now… It’s finally Here.

Now Being a Mom, I am Amazed & Humbled at all the Mom’s That have Babies, regardless of their age. Mom’s, You’ve Sacrificed, You’ve Loved, You’ve Comforted, You’ve Prayed, You’ve Raised, You’ve Dealt, You’ve Cried, You’ve Inspired. Mom’s Today & Everyday Are Hero’s. Happy Mother’s Day to All the Mama’s in the World! Thank You Cora for Making me a Mama. You have Given me a New Purpose in Life & That’s to be Your Mama. Happy First Mother’s Day to Me.

The Moment a Child is Born, A Mother is Born Also. She never existed Before. The Woman Existed, But not the Mother. A Mother is Something Absolutely New & it’s the Best Feeling in the World”.