The Man, The Myth, The Legend…

There is a saying that goes… “A Girl’s First Love His Her Daddy”. How true that is. I Love to hear the story my Dad always tells me. “Natalie… you were crying & crying when you were born, but the minute I held you in my arms, you stopped. It was like you knew I was your Dad”. I must say my Heart Melts every time he tells me that story. Sighs.

Dad’s make everything better. They know what to say to make you smile & make your day a little Brighter. I still Blush when my Dad calls me by a Childhood nickname & I even smile when my phone rings & I Read “My Poppa” on my screen. Dad’s are so thoughtful & mindful, it’s a pretty amazing how God Created them to be. Then again, look how God is such a Thoughtful & Mindful Father to Us. God knew exactly what he was Creating when He Created Our Dad’s.

Since I was A Little Girl. This is how my day would play out. Wake up, go to school, come home, do my Homework & wait for my Dad to come home from work. My Dad’s truck engine had a unique sound, so without me even looking, I would know when he would pull in & Park. The smell of wood & sweat would be all over my Dad, & it was my absolute favorite. He always had 2 things waiting for me, A Cinnamon Donut & the rest of his BIG Gulp from 7 Eleven. He would Shower, have dinner & read the paper, after a hard day’s work. But once 7:00 p.m. would hit it was “Special” Time. That would mean, I would Dress up, sing, dance, read, perform… you name it, I did it all for my Poppa. And He would actually put his paper down & watch me. I would catch him falling asleep at times. Some days I would wake him up & other days I would let it slide. Ha!

It’s pretty amazing the things Dad’s do for their Kids. Regardless the mood they are in or what kind of day they had. They still go out of their way to make our Day. Our Dad’s are Men of their word. It actually explains why us girls look for a Husband that are in some ways similar to our Dad’s. They set such a High standard & why we should just never settle. A Dad always reminds Us of Our Worth & Beauty.

I would follow my Dad a lot growing up. From taking my Brother to the park to practice his pitching, to Camping & Fishing trips. I never wanted to miss out in all the fun & action.

As I got a lot older, it was all about driving lessons, how to pump my gas tank & which freeways to take home. Yup, my Poppa was preparing me for the real world.

Then came the real life lessons, how to save money. My Dad has this saying & it’s always fresh in my mind. “You take care of your job Nat, & your job will take care of You”. My Dad is the first to encourage me in my Dreams, Goals & Future. He has lifted my spirits up when I am down & rejoices with me in my Victories.

As Father Day approaches I am always reminded how much my Dad has Sacrificed & Worked so hard for our Family. He always provided the very Best for us & even till this day. My Dad has this quote he lives by & it has so much truth. My Dad Says “As Parents, You Show Your Children Jesus, You have Done your Job”. One thing about my Poppa, is He never stops encouraging us to Always Have Faith, that Regardless what Life May throw at us, God is Always Faithful. A Job well done Dad.

“Through your eyes I’ve seen God’s Love, In Your Words I’ve Heard His Wisdom & Through your Life I’ve Found his Grace”

Poppa, if you read this, Thank You. Thank You for giving your Heart, & Thank You for Giving Your Love. You are the Greatest Poppa in My World. Happy Father’s Day to my Super Hero, My #1 Runner, My Mr. Fix it, & Cora’s Grampa. God Created You in His Image & I am so Blessed I get to call you Dad. Everything I am, You Helped Me to Be.