Our Hero…

To Cora’s First Hero, Happy Father’a Day! It’s your First of Many. I still can’t believe it, You are a Dad. But God couldn’t have picked a better Dad for Our Little Cora. I thought the Happiest Day of My Life was when we said “I Do” then came our Sweet Baby Girl. When Cora was Born, so were You. Instant “Daddy Mode” turned on & you have been on the Go ever since.

Carrying for a Newborn has got to be the hardest job, but you made it so easy for me. The midnight feedings, the first time she got her first cold, or how about the time you walked into the House with both of us crying & comforted us both. LOL.

But look, 5 months down & Together we are doing an Amazing Job! Fatherhood Look’s Good On You Babe! I am so Happy we get to experience Parenthood Together.

Thank Your for Loving our Daughter. For smothering Her until she screams. For making Her Laugh. For bonding with her during her Bath. For Someone so Small, She Loves you So Big. Cora May only Be 5 Months, But Already, You Are Her Hero. Today & Everyday we Celebrate You!

Happy Father’s Day Babe! We are so Blessed to call you Our’s!


Your Wifey & Babe