Motherhood, 9 Months & Counting…

When I started My Blog back in April, I didn’t think it would be tough to keep up especially now with a 9 month Old! Yikes! What was I thinking?! But now as a New Mom… it’s about Organizing Chaos Lol. So I’m going to give this thing another shot!!

Cora is 9 months Now. CRAZY! What happened to My Little Baby? The other day I packed up all her old clothes & brought the 12 month outfits out. In these 9 months we survived the Good, The Bad & The Ugly. The Good is The Talking, The Crawling & The Laughing & Visits to Disneyland. The Bad are the Cold, Coughs & Falls. The Ugly is well…. Teething. But finally My Babe has grown out her bottom & top teeth. We are pretty excited about Cora’s Pearly Whites!

Being a Stay At Home Mom I always thought “Wow… how Lucky. You just stay home & Love on your Babe”. Which all of that is true BUT it’s one tough Job. Tough! The more they grow… the Busier you get! & yet here I am adding one more item to my cart… Blogging! Ha! You Don’t get paid staying at Home But the Reward is Watching your Little Babe Grow & Hit those Milestones. Teething has been quite an adventure for both of us. I found myself the other day crying while holding her because I felt frustrated. Like Her & I were just having One of those “Off Days” & that Oldie But Goodie Song “Mama Said” was on repeat in my head. I remember telling Cora “Mama needs to go Pray really quick” even though I prayed that morning, I still needed that Jesus Pep Talk. I cried in prayer & God in a whisper just said “Just Hold Her, You are doing everything right”. I went back into the room & the minute I walked in, there she was smiling raising her hands for me to pick her up. I picked her up held her tight & 3 minutes later… she was out cold. It’s funny how Us Moms stick to a “Schedule” & when that “Schedule” is thrown off… well we kinda panic. In Motherhood, just like everything else, Patience is Key! Thank God we can come to God in Prayer though.

Cora is a lot more curious now & loves to explore & figure things out on her own. Sitting on High Chairs, she thinks she is a Big Girl, But all is See is My Baby.

9 months ago, Cora was still cooking in my Tummy & I was still clueless about the whole Motherhood Gig. Little did I know that I would be that Mom in yoga pants & hair in a bun Monday- Friday. Living on Latte’s & Iced Coffee’s. Enjoying Sesame Street in the Mornings & Bumping those Amazing Disney Songs in the Car. Yes! I became that Mom. 9 months Later… all I can say is Motherhood is a Crazy Beautiful Adventure. I was Made for This.

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