Motherhood. How did I Survive the First 6 Months?!

Coffee of Course! So here is an update on the last 6 months of Motherhood. Yesssssss, my baby girl is 6 months! Wahhh! Time is flying & even though she is growing right in front of my eyes & I want time to stop, I am still so excited to see her next milestones.

Newborn stage is long gone. And all the new stuff Cora is doing now, her Newborn memories are kind of a blur. But thank God that I record everything & take one too many pictures of her Ha! Every single night I look back at the old & recent pictures I’ve taken & I can’t help but just be in Awe. How did God make her so perfect?!

Newborn stage was definitely a challenge. Both Cora & I were looking at the world through new eyes & getting to know each other. I didn’t have the baby bonding in the Hospital when Cora was born since she had to be taken to the NICU right away. Even though I was in Love with her, I felt like I was bringing home a stranger. But At 3 weeks we already were Best Friends. I started to understand her Language. Listening to her Q’s & Learning Her Do’s & Don’ts. It was Long days & short nights but Coffee & Jesus got us through.

We survived our first Cold & Cough. That was probably the hardest for me. I felt like I Failed as a Mama!! Sigh… but apparently babies get sick 9-12 times a year. So I didn’t feel too too too bad. Then came the wonderful Aerosmith Era “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” Phase. Cora would fight her naps. Those were very frustrating times because a fussy baby, is a Fussy Mom. But we got through them Thanks to her DockATot & my Favorite…. Coffee! I Believe Coffee Comes from Heaven.

Every day Cora is getting more & more Curious & a whole lot smarter. She loves to watch her Mom & Dad Eat & is now eating solids herself. She attends her Gymboree Classes twice a week & participates with Smiles, Kicking & Screaming. She sits up on her own & loves to hear me talk Spanish to her. 6-7 a.m is her wake-up call & this Mama still doesn’t get enough sleep… But Coffee & Jesus help. Everyday is a Disney Movie for me, it seems like. I find myself talking in Song to her. My Life is like a Musical. I dance, I sing, I make the silliest faces & invent the weirdest noises to make her laugh & to keep her entertained. She loves to copy me in everything her Dad & I do. That includes Coffee. A Coffee rattle that is.

Now comes the question. Do I let my Coffee get Cold? The answer is… Yes! It starts off with a Nice cup of Hot Coffee But ends up cold & it seriously tastes better. Then again, I really don’t have a choice. Motherhood is a Busy Hood & I absolutely Love it! It’s exhausting yes, but watching your Baby grow is such a Beautiful reward.

6 months came so quickly. I prayed for this Precious Miracle, God Answered & She Came & now She won’t stop Growing. She is the reason Mama needs her Coffee & She is the Very Reason why Mama’s Cup is Full. Thank You Cora for The Most Beautiful 6 months. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Mama Love’s You! Xoxo 💋

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