I’d Rather Be At Disneyland…

Today is a Day I’d Rather Be At Disneyland. But since I’m not, I’ll Blog about it. Ha! I Love when Friends tag me in “Anything Disney” on my Social Media. I actually find it quite flattering that people remember me that way. I won’t forget my very First Time at Disneyland, I was in 2nd Grade. The Balloons, The Cast Members, The Characters, The Churros!! I was in Love. From that point on… it would be a Disney Life for Me! Since I was 3, Cinderella was always on repeat on my VCR, you know… those box looking things. I’d watch it 5 times a day. You laugh, but I’m dead serious. She is my absolute Favorite!

There is something Beautiful about being a little girl & just Dreaming, Imagining, Pretending. And that’s why I Love Disneyland. The minute I walk in, I am that Little Girl Again. Walking through those gates, feels like I’m walking in for the very First Time.

Now to find me a Life Long Companion That Loves Disneyland just as much as I do?… Well God Created me a Joser! When we first started dating, We spent most of our weekends at Disneyland. Sighs…. to be Young & In Love. We’re Still in Love… but to be young again would be nice!

That’s been our tradition as Boyfriend & Girlfriend… Disneyland! We even told ourselves we would take Our Engagement pictures at Disneyland, but we said it jokingly. Well… We actually made it Happen & it’s Pictures we will Forever Cherish!!

It’s The Castle…

The Food…

The Ears…

It’s really the Person you’re with that makes Your Disneyland Memories so much more Memorable. And if we are not at Disneyland… you can find us at Home, watching a Disney Movie. Ha! We are pretty hardcore, and I Love that about us.

So why do I Love Anything Disney so much? Seriously… Because I’m still a Kid at Heart. Anything Disney keeps me Young!

These are My “Must Do’s” Every time I go:

1. Churros. It’s A Must!

2. Buy A Disney Mug. I only drink my Teas or Coffee’s out of a Disney Mug. It makes my drink that much more enjoyable. I have 25 mugs so far. Ain’t no stopping me Now!

3. Pirates of The Caribbean. I Never get tired of the ride & the song!

4. Fantasmic! The Lights, The Dancing, The Music, The Fireworks. It’s the Best!

5. Pictures with at Least One Character. Come on… they’re Family!

And now that Baby Cora is in the Mix… it will be Pictures of Her & Her Disneyland Memories.

So Stay Tuned for Our Next Disneyland Adventure….

“Couples who Disneyland Together, Stay Together

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