Hello May…

It’s a Brand New Month! That’s insane! Is it me, or does it feel like this year is flying by?! Didn’t we just ring in the New Year… it feels like?! But May is a Beautiful Month. Flowers are Blooming, Plants are Growing, youngsters getting ready for Prom & soon we will be seeing Graduation Pictures when scrolling down our social media feed (which are my Favorite!) Someone will be Celebrating a Birthday, Announcing their Engagement, Getting Married, Celebrating an Anniversary or Even Welcoming a Baby. It’s a Brand New Month, Brand New Beginnings, Brand New Possibilities. The Month of May is a Month of Transition. A Month of Growth. Some may be starting their own Business, Getting Promoted or Planning a well deserved Vacation. Some are getting “Summer Ready” by hitting the Gym or eating Healthier. Some are maybe in the process of purchasing their own Home or even Moving. The Month of May is a Lovely Reminder of How Beautiful Change can truly Be. Some of us May Experience a Loss or even a Heartache unfortunately. But Regardless what the Month of May Brings for You, the Best Time for New Beginnings is Now. God has a Plan. So… Trust It, Love It, Enjoy It. The Month of May is the Start Of Something Beautiful!


Little Mrs. Nat

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