Our Greatest Adventure Was About To Begin…

So We left off at “We are Expecting”! April 23rd was the Day I found out I was Pregnant. Our Happiest Holiday Indeed!

But before that, I was already feeling those Pregnancy Symptoms. Yeah I felt the nausea everyday & also Heartburn late at night. Let’s not forget those annoying headaches as well. But what really had me thinking I could possibly be Pregnant was…. the day of my Birthday,April 18th. We were at Disneyland.

I ate everything in sight & everything tasted extra delicious! That wasn’t what had me question if I was Pregnant. What had me question was when we Walked Over to California Adventure to see the Frozen Play. Once the music started “Do you wanna Build a Snowman”… I started crying. But I mean balling. LOL. Guys, I’ve seen that movie hundreds of times & I already had seen the Frozen play as well. So why in the heck was I crying?! I cried through the whole play. Makeup had completely came off & all. My husband was laughing at me & that made me even cry as well. Hormones were everywhere! LOL. Then April 23rd I found out I was Pregnant! So you can imagine how “Over The Moon” I felt. We prayed for this Child & Finally God Fulfilled His Promise to us. Already I was “Glowing”…

Hair was getting full, my skin was healthy, & nails were growing super fast. All that makes up for the Nausea and Heartburn because I seriously felt Amazing! Now it was time for our Appointment with my OB. The Amazing Dr. Potruch. He came in and introduced himself, congratulated us & said “Okay… let’s see what’s Baking”. I was super nervous. My Palms were sweaty & my Heart was beating fast. He turned on the monitor, typed up my information, & asked me to lift up my shirt to pour the gel on my tummy. Then he saw all my scars from my previous surgeries. He was stunned in what I had to go through to get Pregnant & said “So this is your Miracle Baby…” He couldn’t be any more right. And suddenly Our Precious Miracle popped up on the Monitor. Heartbeat Strong, & Moving around like crazy. He said “Yup! You guys are Pregnant! There is your Baby. It looks like Baby will be here On New Years Day. But I predict baby will be here a little after Christmas. Which is great! I wanna help you guys get that tax refund”! LOL. The Hubby & I were both in tears. There is nothing more Beautiful than Life Growing inside of you. I couldn’t feel her move yet but already, I Loved My Baby. I was helping assist God in this Miracle. It was Such an Honor. I have to admit I was nervous since the Pregnancy apps said the First Trimester is very critical. I think every pregnant woman feels the same. All you care about is Baby having a Heartbeat, Growing & He or She is Healthy. I even asked My OB if I should wait to share the news to everyone I was Pregnant because I would spot here & there. And he said “Natalie, this is Your Miracle Baby. You are going to have this Baby. Your job is to rest. To exercise. Listen to your body but don’t give in to all your cravings. Enjoy this exciting time in your life. Let everyone rejoice with you in your journey of Pregnancy & Motherhood”. It’s amazing how God uses people through their words. When he said that I had this sense of Peace & I knew it was okay to tell the world we were expecting. Anyone who knows us knows we are Huge Disney Fans, so of course the way we announced we were Expecting was…

Our Greatest Adventure was just Beginning & now it was time to wait for the Gender & the Big Arrival. We had a little Gender Reveal Party that my sister Hosted with Pastries & Coffee…

When the Ultrasound Tech told us what we were having, we were surprised! I felt like I was having a Boy! You read a lot of stuff online that’s says “If you’re feeling this, you’re having a Boy. & if you’re feeling this, you’re having a Girl”. It was official… we were having a Girl!

Once we shared the News with Family & Friends, it was time for Us to Celebrate our Little Girl on the way. What better way than a Disney Way….

Everyday I would wake up in Prayer Thanking God for His Faithfulness. Everyday day I had a song in my Heart. I was still in Awe with God & His Goodness. I still am! Doctors can tell you what they see what’s in front of them, But God can tell you otherwise. He can change things around. He is all about Miracles. And I was Blessed to be carrying one. Wishes do come true!

For this Child I Prayed, and the LORD has Granted the Desires of My Heart”. 1 Samuel 1:27

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