My Hardest Goodbye…

Dogs are such amazing creatures God Created for us to own. They have emotions, Personality, feelings but most of all, a Genuine Love for their owner. They are Loyal, Faithful & Become apart of your Family. You can talk their ears off & they’ll still look interested. I had the honor of having the most sweetest little doggie. This is Penelope… My Best Friend.

Big Ears, White Fur, Hazel Green Eyes Chihuahua. I won’t forget the day we picked her up. There was about 10 puppies running around, but Little Penelope was the only one that ran towards me & instantly I told the man… I’m taking her! Driving back home from Torrance was quite a drive & all she wanted to do was stick her face out the window & let her ears flap in the wind. We were trying to come up with names for her but nothing came to mind yet. We got home & all she wanted to do was sniff around and obviously mark her territory. She felt right at home. Still, we were trying to figure out a name. Jose suggested “Penny” but I said how about “Penelope”?! We both loved it & that was her name.

Penelope loved curling up between my legs when I would lay down to watch T.V. She loved following me around, like my shadow & would wait to see what was my next move. She was very territorial as all chihuahuas are… she had a little spunk in her & loved to play when I would get home. Taking her outside to go pee, she would prance like a Deer… it was the cutest thing ever. Even though her name was Penelope, I nicknamed her Munks (short for Monkey). As time passed on, I grew more & more attached to her. I treated her like my baby. If we would go out of town, I would ask my parents to watch her LOL… I never wanted her to be alone. Jose & I finally moved out on our own, So we knew Penelope would need a friend… So We Brought Little Daphne into the picture. Black hair, short stubby chihuahua

Now we were a family of Four. As years went by, you see your Best Friends getting older. You know one day you will have to say goodbye & for me I thought I wouldn’t see that day come for Penelope. But It was getting harder for her to walk, her bones were fragile, she started to lose her teeth & her hearing. But still, Penelope always greeted me at the door with her tail wagging and all. I didn’t want to see her suffer anymore. Even though she never complained about pain. Towards the end she would sleep most of the day. Then she would find me around the house & lick me to pick her up since she couldn’t jump up on the couch anymore. In the Winter she loved to lay in front of the heater with Daphne & during the Summer she loved to sunbathe under the sun.

April 13th was my last day with Penelope. I woke up that morning with such a heaviness in my heart because I knew it was time to say Goodbye to my Best Friend. We put on her leash. We let her say goodbye to Daphne, we got in the car & drove to her Veterinarian. It’s crazy how dogs immediately know when they are at the Vet. She started to shake the minute we walked in. The Doctor asked if I wanted to be present when they put her to sleep & I said Yes. Penelope never left my side, I made the same promise to never leave her side either. Her Vet was very compassionate as he explained the steps. With in seconds she took her last breaths & she finally closed her eyes. We had her wrapped in her favorite Blanket & her Vet gave us a few minutes alone with her. I cried. I cried my eyes out, just as I’m crying typing this. I would no longer have my Best Friend at my side. But it would be selfish of me to keep her alive knowing she would be suffering. We left the Vet with just her Small Pink Leash & That was that. The rest of the day my heart was still heavy & Having Little Cora to keep me busy & Smiling… it distracted me from thinking about it. It wasn’t until Night time where I wouldn’t feel Penelope by my feet. It felt weird & it still does. She brought so much Laughter & Richness In My Days. Some may say “It’s Just A Pet” but that day I Lost MyBest Friend. Penelope, you gave me the Best 15 years of your Life. You showed me how to be Patient, how to Love & How to Enjoy The outdoors with a simple walk & treats. No matter what Comes in Life, I’ll Face it with a wagging tail my Best Friend. Watching T.V isn’t the same anymore. Going for walks we truly miss your presence. I Miss You every single day but I know you are Free. Thank You Penelope for allowing me to be your Mama. I’ll see you one day Munks…I can’t wait.

All Dogs Go to Heaven…

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