When I considered starting a Blog the first thing I told myself was “But I don’t live such an exciting life?!” What in the World was I thinking?! I get up in the morning & immediately I am Super Mom. I attend to Cora All Day. Everyday is an adventure with my little one, So I Know for a Fact that my Life Being Boring was a complete lie, and God really checked my heart & He was quick to do so, while in prayer one morning. In prayer I heard God say Authentic. Just that simple but Bold Word. The meaning of Authentic is- Not False, Not Copied. Genuine. Real. Umm…. Hey God, that’s exactly what you created me to be! Isn’t it amazing how God designed us to be unique in our very own way?! It’s mind blowing when you stop & really think about it. But we do live in a world that EVERYTHING revolves around Social Media, Hollywood, Celebrities sharing the latest trend, who wore their outfit best & you also see complete strangers living their best life, which there is nothing wrong. They work hard for their success. What I am trying to say is with Social Media you can totally get caught up & lost in what your body “should look like” and thinking having all kinds of money is what makes you “Successful”. Or capturing “The Perfect Picture” get all kinds of Likes & that’s suppose to define how “Popular” you really are. I noticed I started comparing myself to other bloggers while I was looking for direction in what kind of Blog I wanted to start. I also noticed when doing that, my Dream of starting a Blog kinda died. So… I went back to Basics… I went to My Bible for direction. The Scripture That I was Lead to Read was the Famous yet Powerful…

WOAH! That’s pretty deep. We were created to be One Of A Kind. Original. Not Imitated. I was Made to Be Me & God’s Word reminds me of that. So every morning I would wake up, Brush my teeth & look at myself in the mirror & say that Scripture Out Loud. I did that challenge for a week straight & my results were… well, I no longer found myself comparing to others. I was walking confidently & felt Beautiful, even if i wasn’t wearing any make-up. And when I was on Social Media I found myself being Encouraged not Comparing.

God’s Word changes our attitude around. It fills in a void that at times we turn to the world to fill. Today, if you are feeling discouraged, un-motivated or perhaps not knowing what your purpose is… Go to God’s Word. Read a Scripture & declare it over your life. Over your situation, over your Dreams & watch God Come in like BOOM! The God I serve is a Confident God, so I Too should be Confident.

Okay, so another thing that you should know is… I Love Target. Seriously. You know how people say “I walked around the park today”. Well for me is “I walked around Target today”. Even if I don’t buy anything, I still enjoy it. During the week of Declaring God’s Word over my life, I walked through the Decor section & read this. It was like God telling me “I Got You”.

So say this with me.

Dear Jesus,

Help me today & everyday to walk Boldly in Faith. Help me to not turn to the world for approval or to fill a void, that only You can fill. Your word say’s you created me to be Strong & Courageous. For me not to be afraid or discouraged for you are with me wherever I go. Thank You for Loving the way you do. For being so mindful of my Dreams & Desires. You created me to be Original, Unique & Fearless. In you is where I find my Strength. It’s in your Presence where I am completely Satisfied. In Jesus Name


We are who God say’s we are. He has created us with a unique & profound calling in this life. We just need to be reminded. Here are more scriptures if you’re looking for some… Enjoy God & His Promises over your life.

•You Are Beautiful- Psalm 45:11

•You Are Unique- Psalm 139:13

•You Are Created with a Purpose- Jeremiah 29:11

•You Are Strong- Psalm 18:35

•You Are Empowered- Philippians 4:13

Start off with those & see how God Transforms your Thoughts. Remember friends & Family. God created us to be…

Xoxo, Little Mrs. Nat

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