Yes +

April 23rd still holds a special place in my heart. It’s the Day I found out I was pregnant.


I still remember like if it was yesterday. I had major nausea & a headache that wouldn’t go away. But still I got dressed & we headed off to Morning Service. That day was the Launch of our Church’s Annual Theme “Becoming More”. I remember serving that morning as a Door Greeter. Even though physically I wasn’t feeling all that great, but my attitude to serve was there. I Love Serving God & His People in any way I can. It’s an Honor. I was excited to see how God was going to Move in my Life, in My Marriage & In My church that year.


A Video was played to present our Annual Theme before Our Pastor was going to Preach & the part that still gives me goosebumps is when my Pastor Said “Families Will Grow”. And in seconds, 2 of my Girlfriends from church That were Pregnant at the time texted me “Praying for your Miracle Nat”. Praying Friends are Seriously The Best Friends. It meant everything to me that they wanted my miracle to happen just as much as I did. They’re the Best! Love You Allison & Brigette! Okay so where was I? Oh yes! My Miracle. Well the day passed, I was still feeling Nauseous & Hungry. I was feeling all the symptoms a pregnant woman would feel when she’s pregnant but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I was only a day late from missing my period.

My Husband Knew I wasn’t acting like myself because I usually don’t take naps. And that afternoon I remember telling him “You know what I’m craving? A Delicious Burger & A Nap”. And we did just that. We ate at The Habit. While eating I was sharing with him how nauseous I was feeling & he said “After we leave here, let’s stop at Target & pick you up a Pregnancy Test, I feel deep down in my Heart that You are Pregnant”. My Heart was beating so fast when he said that. And I shrugged my shoulders like… Sure… No Biggie. But deep down inside I was a nervous wreck. We headed off to Target, bought the pregnancy test & drove home. We parked & as I was ready to get off the car my husband grabs my hand tight & said “Wait! Let’s pray before we go inside”. He began to pray. And we both began to cry. We hugged each other right after & we walked into the house. I went straight to the bathroom & he went straight to the room & pretended to fold his clothes LOL. Okay but can I just say waiting 3 minutes to take a pregnancy test is the longest 3 minutes EVER?! I was pacing back & forth. Looking at the stick & looking away. I was biting my nails… I would check my phone & check social media and still the stick was still blinking. Ahhh!!! I remember closing my eyes really tight. I took a really deep breath and opened them. I looked at the stick & it read YES+!!!!!!! I remember falling to my knees & crying. Now it was time to tell the Hubby. I walked out of the bathroom & he was pretending to fold clothes still LOL… he looked at me & I didn’t have to say anything. He ran to me, hugged me & we both fell to our knee’s & cried. We probably Thanked God for about a good hour. We wanted our close family to know & we were trying to come up with a way to tell them. So what better way to share with our family the amazing news than with the Little Baby Outfit we bought at Disneyland back in 2015.


So April 23rd will Always be a Favorite Day of mine. We can say The Monico’s were Becoming More. It was a Day of God’s Yes+ & Amen! 

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